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The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) on Thursday (June 13, 2019) conducted a fire safety drill with the employees of Envirokonsult Equipment and Services, Inc. and Waterkonsult Equipment and Services, Inc. to ensure that they have the knowledge in fire prevention and emergency response in the workplace.

SFO1 Mark Roderick C. Lu discussed the common fire hazards in the workplace such as paper and plastic, flammable liquid/substances, and energized electrical equipment. Lu also imparted important things that employees must keep in mind in case of a fire:

  1. Think SAFE as in Sound the Alarm; Advise the fire brigade and call the fire department; Fight the fire; and Evacuate the area;
  2. Don’t run, don’t push people, don’t talk, and don’t return;
  3. Don’t bring your things and don’t return for your personal belongings;
  4. Don’t use the elevator;
  5. Quietly but quickly proceed to the evacuation area and wait for instructions from the incident commanders;
  6. Never go back to the building once you are already outside the fire zone; and
  7. Office members should be accounted for once they are in the evacuation area;

The BFP also demonstrated and taught the employees on how to properly use the fire extinguisher which can be easily remembered by thinking of the acronym PASS that stands for:

  1. Pull the pin at the top of the fire extinguisher;
  2. Aim the nozzle towards the base of the fire;
  3. Squeeze the handle to discharge extinguisher; and
  4. Sweep the nozzle from side to side at the base of the fire.

Lu noted that conducting a fire drill is required under the Fire Code of the Philippines and important to determine the readiness of the employees in case of emergency thus prevent damage on property and casualty.