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“Attitude is the only thing that can bring you a long way; it’s your make or break thing…nothing else,” said Cristina Stohner-Tan, Image Enhancement Motivator and Public Relations Expert, at the Personality Development Seminar with the employees of Waterkonsult and Envirokonsult on Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

Attitude is composed of character (including virtue and perspective) and manner (including ethics, decorum, and relationship).

Stohner-Tan explained that virtue pertains to integrity, introversion, and respect of a person. She said that a person with integrity has firm disposition and self-confidence which root from his/her strong moral foundation.

“If you have the morality you will have the right disposition because you follow your conscience to avoid the bad things and do what is good. This will give you the self-confidence to not be affected by peer pressure.”

She went on to say that “it is not so bad to be alone sometimes” and “one can be an introvert without sacrificing extroversion” but what is more important is the respect that the person gives to his/her self, others, and work.

“Respect for other is mutuality. To be able to build a harmonious relationship and ‘connection’ with people it only follows that respect is essential.”

Stohner-Tan added that having the right perspective towards work will yield good results. “If our view on something is positive, it will boost morale and would mostly result to high performance [but] if our view on something is negative, it will affect our day-to-day work and that would mostly result to poor performance.”

In a nutshell, Stohner-Tan highlighted 4Es – expound, explore, evolve, and engage – as important factors to develop personality.

Expound is about applying the person’s current capacity in practice and trial before exploring new ideas of how to accomplish things. “When we explore, we evolve; when we evolve, we engage,” said Stohner-Tan.

Dressing properly in the workplace

As part of personality development, Stohner-Tan also gave advice on how to maintain a good hygiene and dress properly in the office.

“You don’t have to wear expensive, branded clothes you just need to know how to choose the clothes that would match well with your shoes and hairstyle and the make up that you wear, if you’re a girl,” she said. “It’s not about looking beautiful, it’s about looking good and looking right.”

Stohner-Tan furthered that looking good is not an overnight process thus has to be a part of the person’s daily routine.

‘Getting a job is not an entitlement’

“Getting a job is not an entitlement, it is a privilege. Not everybody gets a good job, not everybody lands in a good company that you are right now. Be thankful,” noted Stohner-Tan. “Always make it a blessing any job that you take, do not take it lightly, do not take it for granted.”

Lastly, she advised employees to always do good without expecting something in return. “Don’t wait for praises, don’t expect a pat on the back it will not happen; and don’t do good just so you will be praised for it that is a wrong attitude.”

(Note: All quotations in Filipino have been translated to English).