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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) last January launched the Manila Bay rehabilitation project which Secretary Roy Cimatu described as their “greatest challenge” to date. The project aims to restore the bay’s water quality to a level that is fit for swimming, skin diving, and other water recreational activities.

The Manila Bay clean-up came three months after the famous tourist destination, Boracay Island, reopened to the public after seeing six months of environmental rehabilitation. This clean-up effort is in line with DENR’s staunch commitment to enforce environmental laws this year. “This year, I hope to send a strong message to environmental offenders and to the public of our seriousness in implementing and enforcing environmental laws, rules and regulations,” said Cimatu.

As the government moves toward stricter implementation of environmental laws and regulations, it is important to have a reliable partner which is capable of helping a business manage its septage issues and concerns.

Below outline five criteria when choosing a good septage management partner:

  1. Industry experts

Choose a company with broad and extensive experiences in wastewater management. Your partner-of-choice should have an extensive pool of experts who are knowledgeable in providing solutions to septage problems in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manners.

  1. ISO Certified

Select suppliers with ISO Certifications in environmental management. ISO-certified suppliers implement processes, which follow strict international standards, when producing goods and services. This ensures service credibility and consistency of product quality.

  1. With wide network of partners

Pick a septage management partner with a wide network of international partners. For example, building a septage treatment plant (SpTP) requires a series of equipment from sludge reception, holding, dewatering, and treatment. Make sure that you are partnering with a local company with an existing network of internationally renowned brands to expedite purchase of special equipment, parts, and service/warranties.

  1. Comprehensive portfolio of services

There are many ways your business can comply with wastewater policies such as building your own SpTP, using biocatalysts, or siphoning septic tanks regularly. Choose a partner with a comprehensive portfolio of services to give you an option of which solution to take for your business’ septage problems.

  1. Compliant with environmental laws and regulations

The DENR Administrative Order (DAO) 2016-08 or the Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016 provide the effluent parameters for homes and industries. Ensure that your septage management partner complies with all environmental laws and possess all approvals from government agencies and stakeholders.