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The tandems of John David Francisco and Carmela Pancho, and Clark Guevarra and Caridad Molano were eliminated in the second game of Konsult Haus’ Badminton Tournament on Thursday, August 30, 2018, at Celebrity Sports Club.

The pairs were eliminated after losing two matches. Francisco and Pancho first lost to the tandem of Aaron Gedang and Buji Lastimoso (2-21, 5-21) then to Conrad Soriano and Rose Ann Bigol (11-21, 14-21). Meanwhile, Guevarra and Molano first lost to the pair of Princess Delos Santos and Joseph Lucindo (16-21, 21-14, 15-21) then to Diana Loprandado and Oliver Salentes (21-19, 19-21, 17-21).

The tournament’s third game is scheduled on Friday, September 7 with only 16 remaining pairs.

Winner’s Bracket:

  • Melissa Santos and Philip Lim
  • Alexi Gedang and Ryoland Jimenez
  • Christian Quiming and Joan Ordinario
  • Buji Lastimoso and Aaron Gedang
  • Ariel Arimagao and John Michael Pamatian
  • Rose Ann Tablizo and Adrian Abedejos

Loser’s Bracket

  • *Allysa Almazan and Manny Mesa
  • *Lea Astrera and Yuki Miyanohara
  • *Princess delos Santos and Joseph Lucindo
  • Christian Bautista and Annabela Gedang
  • Conrad Soriano and Rose Ann Bigol
  • Haizel Florendo and Justine Gedang
  • Anjun Germo and Anne Rolle
  • Diana Loprandado and Oliver Salentes
  • Jahnelle Desiderio and Adrielle Mariano
  • Michael Saurin and Mark Paulo Evangelista
  • **John David Francisco and Carmela Pancho
  • **Clark Guevarra and Caridad Molano

*Moved down from Winner’s Bracket to Loser’s Bracket.

**Eliminated from the game after losing twice.