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The Black and Violet Teams finally got their first wins on Saturday, August 25, 2018, after weak performances on their first two matches in Konsult Haus’ basketball league.

The Blacks maintained an insurmountable lead throughout the game gaining an emphatic victory over the Browns, 61-41. Aaron Gedang was tagged as the game’s best player with 16 points.

Meanwhile, the Violet Team pulled off an upset against the Dark Blue Team 60-56. The Dark Blues kept a slim lead in the three quarters, 11-10 27-22 45-37, but lost it to Violet after a bank shot from Noel Capila with only 3:20 left in the fourth quarter. The split foul shots from Christian Dy and Crisanto Badidoy sealed the victory for the Violets. Dy led the team’s scorers with 25 points.

On Tuesday, August 28, the Gold Team will go up against the Bracket B leader Red Team back-to-back with Light Blue Team Vs Gray at Celebrity Sports Plaza.