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On August 2, 2018, Envirokonsult, Waterkonsult, BioWish, and the AV Gedang Foundation kicked off their first Konsult Haus Sports Festival with the opening of the basketball league at the Celebrity Sports Plaza.

The Red Team led by President and CEO Anthony V. Gedang went head-to-head with the Dark Blue Team led by Mark Belo, Waterkonsult’s Technical Manager. The Reds seized their first win after beating the Dark Blue team with 51-40 score.

The official opening of the sports festival will be held on August 14 with more than 200 employees participating in basketball, volleyball, badminton, billiards, and bowling. The event will run until the first week of October.

According to Alexi Gedang, Human Resource Director, the sports festival aims to promote camaraderie and bring together the employees of the Gedang Group from its head office in Quezon City with its project management offices in Bay Plant (Laguna), FTI (Taguig City), and Dagat-Dagatan (Caloocan City).