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The Green Team pulled off a back-to-back triumph after beating the Yellow Team 68-65 on Thursday, August 23, 2018, in Konsult Haus’ basketball league at Celebrity Sports Plaza.

The Yellows took the lead in the first quarter, 14-11, but lost grip by the end of the first half, 30-28. Marlon Siervo and Andre Gedang held the fort in the third quarter both firing six points to maintain the lead of the Greens, 52-48. The team then never looked back to finish the second half with a 3-point lead.

Gedang was tagged as the game’s best player with 20 points, while Siervo chipped in 16 points.

On Saturday, August 25, the Black and Brown Teams will go head-to-head to secure their first win back-to-back with the Violet Team Vs Dark Blue Team.