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The Orange Team beat the Red Team, 75-68, to sweep the five-game elimination round of Konsult Haus’ Basketball League on Friday, September 21, 2018, at Celebrity Sports Club.

The Red Team opened up a 10-point lead, 22-12, which they expanded to 12 in the second quarter, 40-28. David Masigan and Teotimo Sulibit fired a total of 22 points to power the Orange Team and steal the lead in the third quarter, 58-54.

The match intensified in the fourth quarter as the Red Team took control once again, 59-58, at 8:30 towed by 3-point shot from Arnel Santos Jr. and a bank shot from Artemio Matienzo. But the Orange Team did not let the win to slip away, Ricardo Seraspe and Jeffrey Claud stepped up for the team and racked up 14 points to finish the game with a 7-point lead.

With the win, the Orange Team does not only solo the first spot of Bracket B team standings but also gains a twice to beat advantage in the semi-finals.